We've Got Extra Shows!

The show has been going so well that we are putting on 6 extra shows.
Story Builders will now be on between the 20th - 25th at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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The Show

Story Builders is a unique family show which makes its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

It is a family show in two ways:

  1. It is engaging and educational for all the family. 
  2. It has been created by family team The Interactive Storytelling Collective, made up of Hess Owenhill (sister), Alex Owen-Hill (brother) and Jim Bryce Hill (dad). Learn all about us on the Who Are We page.

Part interactive workshop, part magical fairytale, Story Builders is exciting, spellbinding and educational. Together, we will create a story built entirely from your ideas. In the process, you will learn the secrets to building a great story. You will go away from the show knowing how to tell better stories to your family and friends.

Children know the story!


I thought it was very professionally done. Really loved it! I'm a little bit lost for words. It's really good to give children the opportunity to write their own story, and they all want to do that. They know the story.

John Paul Professional Clown


It was really good, I would give it 5 stars

Leya Oren-Woods Kid

Good fun and educational for all!


Good fun and educational for all!

Grandmother Janet "The Planet"


I thought it was great. Inventive, interactive and interesting. Simple but good concept.

Gary Browne Dad

It was really interactive!


I just loved the way you guys worked with the kids. That really worked very very well. The kids got into it in a way that it was really interactive for them.

Sara Mother

The show runs on the following dates and times:

  • 2pm on the 3rd – 14th August 2018 (inclusive)
  • 11:30am AND 2pm on Saturdays 4th, 11th and 18th August 2018
  • EXTRA SHOWS: 2pm on the 20th – 25th (inclusive)

It will be at the Lauriston Halls (Venue 163, 28 Lauriston Street, EH3 9DJ)

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